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hello everyone I'm traveling around on avery special fun bus today this double-decker bus has beentransformed into a soft play party bus this is Paul and he's the driver of thebus he drives to lots of different places for children's birthday partiesyou can have a party anywhere here comes the bright yellow party bus now welcomeaboard the party bus there are two floors on this bus a downstairs and comeupstairs let's climb the stairs and take a look upstairs first Wow it's so muchfun up here there's a tunnel a rope bridge these are called bitters andbashes hey red botanical how did you get in herered mechanical never misses a party to get down we can either go back down thestairs or we can go down the mega green slide go on red you can test it out whoowhen you come down the green slide you land in a colorful ball pool look redmechanical is holding a green ball this is an orange bowl and here's apurple ball the fun doesn't stop there downstairs there's more places to runaround and climb balls getting the bus ready for a party so it's time toconnect the bus to a generator a generator is something that uses fuel togenerate electricity that means Paul can turn the discolights and music on in the bus here come the kiddies now ready to party after running around the play buseveryone's very hungry so it's time for some party food thesetables upstairs have just right for enjoying some sandwiches poor place isyellow paper plates on the table one two three four and again one two three fouryellow paper plates now Paul is placing down orange drinks one two three Oh and they need redstraws one two three four four red straws yum yum before everyone leaves there's one lastthing to do give out the party bags we can't have aparty without party bags phew after all that excitement I'm ready fora lie-down thanks very much to Paul for showing usaround his fantastic double-decker party bus.

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