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Magic shows are an exciting form of entertainmentfor almost any event.

One of the amazing tricks a good magician performs is sawing peoplein two pieces.

That's why many magicians have half sisters and half brothers.

  There areillusionists, mentalists and escape artists.

The origins of stage magic can be traced backto our early history.

We say, "it's all smoke and mirrors", but modern magicians performillusions with much more elaborate techniques.

David Copperfield made the Statue of Libertyvanish.

You could  hire a magician for your kid's birthday party or bar mitzvah who canmake your kid appear out of nowhere.

What a grand entrance!  There are two kinds ofmagic for your event: Stage and strolling.

Stage performances can be exciting and breathtaking.

Strolling magicians are great for cocktail parties, picnics and holiday parties.

Thetricks performed include card and coin tricks.

Magicians who have a great personality, lotsof humor always do well with their audience.

Here are the most important magic trick categories: Making something appear out of nowhere ( pulling a rabbit out of a hat).

  Making someone orsomething vanish.

Turning something into something else (a woman becomes a lion).

Something isdestroyed then magically restored.

(the assistant is sawn in half).

Something disappears inone place and appears somewhere else.

Someone is restrained then escapes.

The magician ismaking something float in the air.

A solid object is made to pass through another.

Thechoice of an audience member is predicted.

We hope you'll enjoy exploring all the talentedmagicians on PartyPOP.

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